The Ultimate Solution for 4CS is here!

The Sphere Hydraulic Cartridge System was designed by Dal Soggio Race Part Division in Italy in conjunction with CSR Suspension.   This is a factory racing works system that has refined development of a proven technology.

The Sphere is a complete drop in system, using only the OEM inner and outer fork tubes after removing all OEM internal parts.

The Sphere Hydraulic Cartridge System provides greater sensitivity and damping accuracy with the ability to provide increased comfort and control with better bottoming resistance.   The system has a wide range of adjustability for compression and rebound damping and is preload adjustable without removing from the machine. The system comes from the factory with internal settings geared towards the pro level rider, but responds to internal setting changes in a logical and predictable manner.  

Applications available includes the WP – 4CS, WP- Open, SACHS, KYB, and coming soon SHOWA air forks.

Found exclusively in North America at CSR Suspension.

Price- $1602.33