High Performance Motorcycle Suspension Services

CSR Suspension is the premiere source of high performance motorcycle suspension components and motorcycle service in North America.

Fork Revalve

KTM / Yamaha / Honda / Kawasaki / Suzuki / BMW / Husqvarna / Beta/ Husaberg

Forks are completely disassembled, cleaned and re-valved to match your terrain and skill level utilizing the stock pistons. Rebound valving is matched to the springs being used, then the forks are filled with the highest quality oil to the optimum height. No matter what you ride, we have proven/tested settings that are guaranteed to keep you satisfied. Beware of pretenders, trust CSR Suspension to deliver results you can count on.

Fork Rebuild

This is a separate service from the modifications above. Rebuilding involves replacing leaking seals, worn out bushings and polishing away nicks on the fork tubes. If this hasn’t been done recently, be sure to request it. To keep costs low, we don’t just do it automatically.

Shock Revalve

KTM / Yamaha / Honda / Kawasaki / Suzuki / Husaberg / Husqvarna / BMW / Beta

When it comes to making your shock work better, trust CSR Suspension to do it right the first time. We have over 30 years of experience and do the testing required to achieve the best possible results. Your shock is taken apart, cleaned and re-valved for your terrain and skill level. The correct spring rate is determined and matched rebound valving is installed. All air is removed from the system, which is absolutely critical for consistent/correct performance, and then pressurized with nitrogen to proper specs.

Suspension Lowering Service

All Brands

For those who are vertically challenged, CSR Suspension has the answer. Shortened suspension. As expected, we do it right. Special Travel limiting spacers are installed in your forks and shock, complete re-valve service is performed, springs are shortened, and then reassembled with fresh oil. The most common height reductions are (1″) (1-1/2″) ( 2″). The reduction can be reversed when it comes time to sell it, no problem.

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