Fork Bushings

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During a service it is important to replace both bushings due to contaminated fork oil. This ensures perfect alignment of the inner and outer tubes increasing seal life. The materials and chemistry of Innteck bushings are superior to many other bushes on the market with their specific mix of high lubricity and wear resistance. Innteck bushings are specifically advantageous when complimenting the SKF fork seals.

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Fork Bushing Size

Inner Bush 35mm – Marzocchi, Inner Bush 36mm – KYB, Inner Bush 37mm – Showa, Inner Bush 43mm – KYB/WP, Inner Bush 45mm – Marzocchi, Inner Bush 46mm – KYB, Inner Bush 47mm – Showa, Inner Bush 48mm – All 48mm WP/KYB, Inner Bush 49mm – Showa, Inner Bush 50mm – Marzocchi, Outer Bush 35mm – Marzocchi, Outer Bush 36mm – KYB, Outer Bush 37mm – Showa, Outer Bush 43mm – KYB/WP, Outer Bush 43mm – WP, Outer Bush 45mm – Marzocchi, Outer Bush 46mm – KYB, Outer Bush 46mm – KYB 12, Outer Bush 47mm – Showa, Outer Bush 48mm – All 48mm WP, 2002-2003 KYB, Outer Bush 48mm – KYB 2004 – 2013, Outer Bush 49mm – Showa, Outer Bush 50mm – Marzocchi