Heavy Duty CSR48WHD

$ 33.85

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CSR Suspension has engineered a NEW fork seal set for the offroad motorcycle market! After more than 2 years of designing, engineering and exhaustive testing in both the lab and demanding real world conditions, CSR Suspension is ready to release the new CSR High Performance Fork Seal Set!

  • Competitive in QUALITY and DURABILITY against top fork seals on the market
  • Incorporated specific materials for seal and wiper
  • Superior durability
  • Resistance against abrasion wear
  • All while maintaining Maximum Performance
  • 150+ dyno tests
  • HUNDREDS of hours of true offroad tests in severe conditionsLess stiction/friction

Note: NOT to be used with Lithium based grease. To be used with Petroleum or Synthetic grease only!

Available in 48mm WP Heavy Duty and 48mm WP Standard

More applications coming soon!