SKF Fork Seal Kits

$ 37.99


SKF Fork Seal and Wiper Kits are simply the best and are currently used as OEM for WP forks.

  • They provide the lowest stick-slip friction while also providing superior oil retention compared to other seals. Suspension performance is improved by reacting quicker when encountering course obstacles.
  • Choose from heavy duty (for extreme terrain) or standard(for highest performance).

Don’t forget to purchase fork bushings for the best suspension performance.

Additional information

Fork Seal Kit Size

KIT35M Marzocchi 35mm, KIT35W WP 35 mm, KIT36K KAYABA 36 mm, KIT37S SHOWA 37 mm, KIT38P PAIOLI 38 mm, KIT39S SHOWA 39 mm, KIT39T TECH TRIALS 39 mm, KIT40M Marzocchi 40 mm, KIT41K KAYABA 41 mm, KIT41S SHOWA 41 mm, KIT41Y Yamaha 41 mm, KIT43K KAYABA 43 mm, KIT43S SHOWA 43 mm, KIT43W WP 43 mm, KIT43Z ZF SACHS 43 mm, KIT45M Marzocchi 45mm, KIT45M-H.D. Marzocchi 45 mm High Protection, KIT45S SHOWA 45mm, KIT46K KAYABA 46 mm, KIT46Z ZF SACHS 46 mm, KIT47S SHOWA 47 mm, KIT47S-HD SHOWA 47 mm High Protection, KIT48K KAYABA 48 mm, KIT48K-HD KAYABA 48 mm High Protection, KIT48M Marzocchi 48 mm, KIT48S SHOWA 48 mm, KIT48S-HD SHOWA 48 mm High Protection, KIT48W WP 48 mm, KIT48W-HD WP 48mm High Protection, KIT48Z ZF SACHS 48 mm, KIT49S kits/bike) SHOWA 49 mm, KIT50M MARZOCCHI 50 mm, KIT50M-HD MARZOCCHI 50 mm High Protection